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The State Bank of Faribault is locally owned and has been rock solid since 1919.    
Our family is proud to be a part of this community.   
Thank you for being our customer! 

Bank Owners
Richard J. Carlander 
Chairman of the Board 
507-332-4618 Direct 
John R. Carlander 
507-332-4623 Direct 
507-332-4603 Fax 
Matthew C. Carlander 
Vice President / Business Development 
507-332-4614 Direct 
507-332-4603 Fax 
Kimberly A. Koepke 
Rewards Club Manager 
507-332-4602 Direct 
507-332-4603 Fax 

Bank Staff
Jane Berghoff 
Real Estate Lender 
507-333-0321 Direct 
507-332-4600 Fax 
Diane Bohlman 
Loan Processor 
507-332-4636 Direct 
507-332-4603 Fax 

Bonnie Cervenka 
Vice President / Retail Banking 
507-332-4624 Direct 
507-333-0312 Fax 
Jackie Dickison 
Personal Banker 
507-332-4626 Direct 
507-333-0312 Fax 

Jenn Finnesgard 
Credit Analyst 
507-333-0319 Direct 
507-332-4603 Fax 
Chris Jeanes 
Mortgage Loan Specialist 
507-332-4631 Direct 
507-332-4600 Fax 
NMLS #1046260 

Chris Kitzman 
Investment Officer 
507-332-4620 Direct 
507-333-0300 Fax 
Gary Lazarz 
Business Development Officer 
507-332-4625 Direct 
507-333-0300 Fax 

Carol Quast 
Loan Servicing Representative 
507-332-4612 Direct 
507-332-4600 Fax 
Clint Rehtmeyer 
Chief Financial Officer / Cashier 
507-332-4617 Direct 
507-333-0311 Fax 

Connie Roosmalen 
Sr. Loan Processor 
507-332-4608 Direct 
507-332-4603 Fax 

Brad Schmitz 
Vice President / Commercial Lending 
507-332-4615 Direct 
507-332-4603 Fax 
Henry Schutz 
Vice Pres/Commercial / Ag Lender 
507-332-4609 Direct 
507-332-4603 Fax 

Jane Tuma 
Customer Service 
507-333-0328 Direct 
507-333-0312 Fax 
Gayle Nagel 
Vice President/Marketing 
507-333-0310 Direct 
507-332-4637 Fax 

Tim Justin 
Commercial Lender 
507-332-4607 Direct 
507-332-4603 Fax 
Stacy Dupont 
Investment Administrative Asst 
507-332-4630 Direct 
507-333-0300 Fax 

Ray Walker 
Real Estate Lender 
507-332-4638 Direct 
507-333-0312 Fax 
Doug Zahn 
Vice President / Auditing and Compliance 
507-332-4622 Direct 
507-333-0311 Fax 

Julie Finnesgard 
Vice President/Commerical Lending 
507-333-0324 Direct 
507-332-4603 Fax 
Keith G. Kluzak 
Vice Pres/Mortgage Services 
507-333-0313 Direct 
507-332-4600 Fax 

Mary McIntyre 
Personal Banker 
507-332-4606 Direct 
507-333-0312 Fax 

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