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Staying local means so much 
Lately, it seems the national media has put a spotlight on how big banks were looking into raising fees on consumers. This has given rise to a "go local" movement where they are encouraging consumers to bring their business to a community bank. And we agree whole-heartedly! In our opinion, a community bank like ours gives the customer a better relationship-based experience, superior customer service, and pride that comes from reinvesting in a local community business.  
When you deposit money in our community bank, we reinvest it in ways that drive our local economy. These investments are helping families and businesses reach their dreams, from helping local residents who want to buy a new home, or to small business owners who are looking to expand or start their business. 
As a small business ourselves, we understand the needs of our local companies and can provide expertise and guidance. This separates us from the competition, plus the fact that loan decisions are made here in Faribault by bankers who actually know you. 
With this local movement in mind, we would appreciate any kind words to help refer other customers our direction. We are grateful for your trust in us, and look forward to helping you reach your dreams in the future! 
Thanks for being a customer of our community bank! 
Best Regards,  
       John R. Carlander 
SBF Mission Statement 
"Creating customers for life by offering excellence in service and products to serve you today and into the future." 
More information 
For complete information on FDIC insurance, stop in and get a brochure in our lobby, or visit the FDIC at You can even calculate your own deposit coverage at for complete details. Call toll free with questions to 1-877-ask-fdic (1-877-275-3342). 

Thanks for placing  
your trust in us.  
We’re proud to be  
since 1919. 

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