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Staying local means so much 
Connecting with our Community 
Our society has really taken being "connected" to another level. With social media, it is now possible to communicate with a wide number of people instantaneously, and The State Bank of Faribault is now using Twitter and LinkedIn to connect even faster with our customers. 
We have been on Facebook for years and have built quite a following for all our our community involvement activities, especially when our staff are so good at being involved with local events. 
If you are not currently following us on social media, make sure you click on the links and keep an eye on our activities to see what is happening inside our bank, in our industry and in our community. 
Staying "connected" even applies to your money! We have recently launched the SBF mobile app, so if you have a smart phone, download it so you can enjoy being connected to your money securely from wherever you go! 
Thanks for being a customer of our community bank! 
Best Regards,  
       John R. Carlander 
SBF Mission Statement 
"Creating customers for life by offering excellence in service and products to serve you today and into the future." 
More information 
For complete information on FDIC insurance, stop in and get a brochure in our lobby, or visit the FDIC at You can even calculate your own deposit coverage at for complete details. Call toll free with questions to 1-877-ask-fdic (1-877-275-3342). 

Thanks for placing  
your trust in us.  
We’re proud to be  
since 1919. 

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