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The State Bank of Faribault can serve all of your checking needs. Here is a list of our checking accounts: 
eChecking                                                Brochure   Rates 
Earn rewards when you use electronic services                               
  • $1,000 minimum balance to avoid charge
  • $15 monthly balancefee if below minimum (no charge with $3,000 in savings, CD's or IRA's)
  • Variable tiered rate; compounded monthly
  • E-statements (required)
  • ID Theft Smart Program 1st month free    

  • Earn an attractive interest rate on balances up to $25,000.99 when you perform these services every month: 
        1) received e-statements 
        2) have direct deposit 
        3) 10 debit card transactions 
    Basic Checking                                        Brochure    
    Designed for your basic checking needs                                        
  • No Minimum balance required
  • E-statements available ($3.00 paper statement fee if no e-statement)
  • IDTheft Smart Program 1st month free

    Rewards Checking Plus                             Brochure     Rates 
    Special benefits for people 50 and over plus earn interest.   
  • $100 minimum balance to avoid charge              
  • $10 monthly balance fee if below minimum balance (no charge with $5,000.00 in Savings, CD's or IRA's)
  • Variable tiered rate interest; compounded monthly
  • Automatic membership in the Rewards Club (benefits listed below)
  • ID Theft Smart Program 1st month free    
    Rewards Club benefits: 
  • Free standard checks (shipping costs and taxes will apply)
  • Free events
  • Special vacation/trip offers
  • Newsletter
  • Domestic wire transfer of funds (1 free per month)
  • Free lamination
    E-Basic Checking                                                Brochure 
    Designed for all electronic banking  
  • No minimum balance required
  • (E-statements required to avoid $3.00 paper statement fee)
  • Write 10 checks free/month; each check over 10 is $ .25
  • ID Theft Smart Program 1st month free    

    EZ Checking                                                             Brochure 
    Designed to serve young customers with their first account 
  • No minimum balance required
  • (E-statements required to avoid $3.00 paper statement fee)
  • Free mini-pack of checks
  • Upon reaching age of 23, customers would automatically convert           to E-Basic Checking
  • Write 10 checks free/month each check over 10 is $ .25
  • ID Theft Program 1st month free      


    The following pertain to all checking accounts: 
    $100 minimum deposit is required to open any checking account. 
    Debit Platinum Mastercard available 
    Small safe deposit box rent-free for first year 
    Annual fee waived for the first year on CheckPlus Overdraft Protection 
      (Subject to application approval) 
    Click here to reorder personal checks. 
    Lost or stolen Mastercard Debit Card or ATM card call:  

    Click here for help to understand and manage your checking account. 

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