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Welcome to the Rewards Club.   We believe in serious fun and we would love for you to join us.  We offer day trips, domestic and international trips.   There are so many wonderful places to see and experience in our world.  Where do you wish to go?  We work with the best travel companies in the United States and pride ourselves with top notch service.  If you need assistance with your travel plans, please let us know.  We can get you where you want to go.  An investment in travel is an investment in you! 
*August 7th-16th Scenic Norway 
*August 17th-18th The Three Turtles Casino Run 
*August 26th-"Mary Poppins" @ The Chanhassen Dinner Theater 
*August 27th-28th-Black Bear Casino & Hotel 
*September 13th-18th Buffalo Safari and Hoedown 
*September 14th-18th Deadwood Gambler & Royal River 
*October 1st-2nd-Meskwaki  
*October 3rd-7th It's A Grand Fall Mackinac Island 
*October 7th-8th Polka Fest @ Jackpot Junction 
*October 10th- 11th Mystery Trip HINT.....NO CASINO 
*October 19th-27th New Orleans Express 
*October 29th-30th "A Wonderful Life" @ The Fireside Theater 
*November 12th-15th New York City 
*November 28th-December 4th Nashville & The Grand Old Opry 
*December 1st-2nd Bentleyville/Black Bear Casino 
*January 25th-February 3rd Hawaiian Islands Guided Tour 
*June 19th-26th-California Coast, Wine Country & Yosemite Park 
*August 27th-September 3rd-Romantic Rhine River Cruise 

Welcome to the  
Rewards Club!  
Please call Kim K. at  
507-332-7401 for all the information on our trips. 

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